Get a loan despite Private Credit

Many banks, especially on the Internet, promote loans that allow for a particularly fast payout: in fact, many people rely on paying urgent bills and can not wait for a loan to go through a long review and approval process. The problem with this: Almost always a private credit exam must take place. Not only does this cost a few days, but it can also often lead to a rejection of the loan. But often just people who have a negative entry in the private credit, urgently need money. So how do you immediately put money into the account without private credit?

Banks refrain from private credit examination

Raus aus der Schuldenfalle

Out of the debt trap – good advice!

The easiest and most obvious way to get money on your account without private credit is to take out a loan from a bank that does not ask for any private credit information – and this applies to virtually all banks outside Germany. Because the private credit is a purely German organization to which foreign credit institutions have no influence. Especially banks from Switzerland rely on the German clientele: Via the Internet, it is easily possible to find different providers who offer special credit offers to interested parties from the Federal Republic. Because the settlement takes place online, the administrative costs for the bank itself are limited. For the debtor, this means that the conditions for the loan can also be very favorable. A requirement for a Swiss loan, however, is a certain creditworthiness, which can be proven by a regular income. Decisive here is the possibility of being able to seize the salary in case of doubt. So, if you have an income below the legal attachment limits, a Swiss loan may also be rejected.

Immediately put money into the account without private credit thanks to guarantee


But to immediately get money on the account without private credit, there are other alternatives – and they can be used even if you only have a relatively low credit rating. The simplest way is to borrow with the help of a guarantor. If, during the repayment phase of the loan, you can no longer meet your payment obligations, the bank can still access the debtor and thus receive a high degree of security. This not only gives you instant money on the account without private credit, but you can still benefit from a very low APR. The benchmark for the calculation is then no longer your creditworthiness, but that of the guarantor. However, there is not always a person available who is prepared to secure a loan.

Private credit intermediaries help anyone interested

If the option turns out to be immediately paid by a guarantor on the account without private credit, can still help a loan from private. Because with such a loan, there are basically no restrictions: Even those who live on unemployment benefits, immediately get money on the account without private credit, if they find a private financier. Some portals on the Internet specialize in those credit brokers and provide their service for a small fee. After signing up, you can place an ad requesting a loan. In doing so, you not only set the amount and the repayment period, but you can also give reasons for what the loan is needed for. This information is usually voluntary, but should be done. Because if the private lender can understand what you want to use the money for, he will give credit rather a consent. The communication does not happen directly between the lender and the debtor, but through the operator of the portal. Especially if you want to have paid money immediately without private credit, but do not necessarily need large sums, this variant is recommended. If you have repaid a loan on such a portal reliably and within the set deadline, this will be noted in your profile – and you will get easier and cheaper new loans in the future.