Credit Card Ratio with Delays: Getting a Loan?

Installment credit card with delays in end-to-end knowledge company? Not sure how to get a loan? If you are employed on permanent contracts or a pensioner, with Isocredit you can get new liquidity. Rely on our group, request a free quote online.

The credit card installment or revolving credit card, is a personal loan for all purposes and therefore reported in credit databases. Paying late in the installments of a credit card involves reporting as a bad payer and therefore reduces the chances of getting a new personal loan. If employees or retirees, there is the possibility of obtaining new liquidity thanks to the transfer of the fifth and / or the delegation of payment.

These loans overcome the negative evidence in the database and therefore allow the client to obtain a new loan.

With the disbursement of the new personal loan, the customer will be able to better manage the new liquidity. If the amount of the credit card installment is not high, it is advisable to pay off the remaining debt so that the credit databases will be regularized with the following months.

Customers often do not consider the installment credit card as a real personal loan and therefore underestimate the importance of regular payment of monthly installments.